Wrap-up for end of 2016

What did I do after September? Looks like I didn’t update anything after end of September…

I gave a presentation at the 3rd annual conference of my doctoral program. In November, I was invited to present at Nordic CLARIN network workshop at Bergen, Norway. Later in November, we also run a workshop at Kokemus 2016 conference at Tampere, Finland. In December, I covered for my colleague Krista Lagus at BAULT 2016 at Helsinki, Finland.

In addition, I finalized my first article for Finnish Kulutustutkimus Nyt! journal on consumer economics, and gave a few lectures on (big) social data analysis. I participated in a few grant applications and even won in a few. Moreover, I passed a course in Philosophy of science- hugely beneficial for an interdisciplinary researcher like me, riding the wave of new methodology development! I resonated especially with cultural posthumanism and would want to learn more about it.

I guess you could say I was quite busy that second quarter term.


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