Random thoughts on 1st April 2016

This week I’ve noticed I’m badly behind my schedule and plans. PANIC. In addition to lagging behind my first coursework due to failure to understand how much time my 4-day conference visit and Easter holidays actually take from normal work weeks, I was also shanghaied to another (useful but heavy workload) course.

I hope I was able to fix the situation a bit by asking help from an experienced colleague in order to prioritize my todo list. I also noticed that I do have a tendency to freeze in case of panic, trying to continue my life as normal-just-slower-actually, instead of pacing up. Looks like I fear more working too much without a purpose, than that of going overdrive and running around like a rabbit yet without being able to get anything done.

I suppose it is a good learning for me to recognize my way of reacting in case of stress. (I have encountered same situation before.) At the same time I’m a bit mad that just this weekend we have a funeral in the family AND extracurricular activities so I can’t just work my way through the pain. But, after learning from experience, I’m really trying to keep my work-life-balance better; solution to panic is not to work more, more, more. Better find solutions to prioritise and drop some tasks altogether. I assume it is not only healthier, but a more productive strategy in the long run.


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