My thoughts for March 24th 2016

I didn’t write a blog last week because I wrote something that ended up much longer – a first idea of more detailed phenomenon of what I actually want to study, and sent that to my supervisors. I’ve talked about the topic with a few other people since, and in general have felt a great ease! It is indeed something that is interesting while challenging.

I loved a quote that I paraphrase here: “PhD is about finding a gap in scientific knowledge and then filling it. Some supervisors actually require that the fill is better than previous fills.” I sure hope to be able to say “we thought that X but actually Y”, instead of finding something new, or saying that the question we are asking is wrong. A further type of question I want to answer is such that needs answering continuously, every day, not just once.

Last week, I participated in a conference. It gave me lots of ideas and a general feeling that I’m going to the right direction. I also like the feeling that I’m not the smartest and most experienced around. It means I am learning – and I do feel that I am learning from the best in the field in this country! Soon, I hope I feel confident enough to find and go hang around with the best in the field, in the world.

I will write that again. I will find and go hang around with the best in the field, in the world.



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