My thoughts for December 16th

This is my last day at work before I leave for my Xmas trip. I will take my laptop with me as there is still the CS course in Python I must finish (and a few books I want to read) but other than a few days, it will then be the sunny Malta for three weeks!

Pieces of the puzzle are kind of falling together, but I still feel I need to try to find a sharper focus on what I intend to do at the end. I have hugely interesting data material. I *love* to learn how to work with it (and then eventually jump into it, once my troubles with the university data systems are over). Next I need to learn about my domain. And I am also fascinated by the grand theory of complexity I’ve been hearing about lately. Four items! What to do?

To solve the issue, I’m prompted with the question “what do you want to become?”: A method person, or a specialist person? I respond: both! because I believe the truly interesting questions that can be asked from large data sets are different than what current specialists, experienced with smaller data sets, set out to ask. To the specialist, it is too much methodology driven; to the method person it is too much substance-driven.

To reach a new shore, you must lose sight of the old one for a long while. I hope to look at this note in 5 years time and hug myself, “Little did you know where you ended up, doing just fine.”


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