My thoughts for 30 October 2015

Last week was so busy, this week I’ve been a bit disoriented, working in a sort of limbo to start a new phase after my next week holiday (Prague, here we come! yay). I’ve been messing around with various things, but the greatest thing accomplished was probably the 100-word abstract proposal for an interesting and very fitting symposium. It would be absolutely fabulous to have them approve me ( I did; proof here). I have understood I may have a method that may be hard for some to swallow (traditions… I love them, except when they bite me) so it’s better to get more experience in making it understood.

This week, we had a great orientation day with my research group. Wonderful people and wonderful weather at Tvärminne. Really beautiful location and an absolutely great autumn weather. I have a photo to prove it, look!

Tvärminne views in October

On Thursday, I started a Python course at the university. The teacher is very innovative and it’s relieving to notice my data is large, but not the largest by far (when I start, it’s still under 1TB… there’s people who need to keep their data on “a couple” of TB-size USB-sticks…). To improve my learning, I support the university class with codeacademy classes. I would *love* to code a bit at home. Sadly the ergonomics situation there – sitting on the sofa – is so bad I get neckache after first hour. My old nemesis neckache! Going to the gym twice a week keeps it currently at bay. Tomorrow I’m starting a Yin yoga course, that will surely help too.


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