My thoughts for 23 October 2015

Most of my work weeks thus far have been busy, but this one just broke the record. I had an exam; a quarterly meeting with my funders; one full day workshop; and two seminars (skipped one of them.) EXHAUSTION is the word.

On the other hand, I’m more convinced than ever that I’m doing the right things and that I am in a good track, finding my feet like academicians should. I’m quite sure that I am pretty effective in what I do (I’m saving my weekly work plans and notes for proof), that I am making progress, and that by being so active, showing my face in every other seminar, asking questions and advertising my project, I am taking steps that will bear fruit in near future.

At the same time, because I am an introvert, it is a bit heavy and tiring to be so active and also have a normal social life.

In addition to seminar-hopping, I got the chance to take a small plunge into my data (next week, I’ll start doing more of that I hope). It was delightful to discover phenomena in the data that I expected to find, and to notice others find it interesting to the degree they want to co-operate with me. One even invited me to give a lecture later in the spring! Further, it has been an enormous pleasure to skim (economization of time – not reading every word – even famous professors do it) through my exam books and notice I am not anymore merely remembering anecdotes, but also making connections and forming opinions on topics that are all interesting to me.

I must admit, French sociologists (and I’ve now revisited a few in my classics readers) have a writing style that is at the same time full of flair yet utterly incomprehensible. Their texts are like a thick jungle that is tough to penetrate with the machete of your brain to find the treasure – yet the sentences are so beautiful you have to admire their writer.

My brain is tired. Luckily we have Sony PlayStation at home, so yesterday I played some games to relax my brain and have a laugh. Also, in Finland we have this thing called sauna. Rarely have I been so eager to start a weekend with a good soothing bath. Looking forward to do exactly that today.


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